Winter Flowers Feed Bees

Early blooming Paloverde tree

About 1000 different species of bees live in the Sonoran Desert.  Most are solitary and nest in underground burrows or the hollow stems of pithy plants.  The majority of these bees are herbivores, subsisting on pollen and nectar. 

Upwards of 80% of native flowering plants in the Sonoran region are pollinated by bees, as are 30% of agricultural crops.  Bees are vital partners in the production of many of our foods, fabrics (cotton), beverages and medicines.

The introduced honey bees shown in these pictures live in social colonies of 30,000 or more.  They nest in manmade hives, hollow trees or rock outcrops.  Close examination of these bees reveals hairy eyes!  

Baja Fairy Duster, Chuparosa, Lantana, Valentine Emu Bush and Arugula provide winter nectar for bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, and Verdins.

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